via 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed In Red Dead Redemption 2. The goal though is the Rare Shotgun, a shotgun that looks normal but is apparently rare. Location: While in Valentine, accept the Gunslinger mission – ‘The Noblest of Men, and A Woman ‘. The Bacchus Bridge is nice, there's actually a hidden treasure within the area, and it has its own hobbit house. In-game Description: A rare Cattlemen Revolver, with a dark metal finish and covered in custom engravings. You should also see a skeleton in the same boat. The Civil War Knife is located at Fort Brennand just to the northeast of the Kamassa River. The mayor seems friendly, and it's obvious the town is obsessed with its image. This weapon was taken from the scene of a fight between a large bear and hunter, which occurred near Hanging Dog Ranch in Big Valley. Now examine the photos to find Emmit Granger and read his photo to unlock his mission. Now board the train to talk to Billy Midnight and start the quick chase. Grab this now, it’s intensely good and easily missable. Either way, the knife's in the bear and it's an easy grab that comes with quite the story. Location: While in Valentine, accept the Gunslinger mission – ‘The Noblest of Men, and A Woman ‘. While you are at the Vikings make sure you grab the Viking Helmet near the tomb. Finding any of the Red Dead Redemption 2 easter eggs is a sure way to put a big old smile on your face or at least a very quizzical one. If you had a lot of fun finding the dinosaur bones in their side mission then you're in for a treat. Out of all the things to expect in an old western styled game, I honestly wasn't ready for an airplane. Dan Allen Gaming on Youtube.comThis next little secret really smells of developer shenanigans. This is by far the most difficult location to find. We haven't really spoken of the Ambarino area much, but it has its own share of secrets and neat locations. Up there in the deep forests of New Amberino, lays a weirdly empty tree hut. Location: Head towards the small ruin made by ancient Vikings, northeast of Beaver Hollow. Rare and Secret Weapons Location Flaco’s Revolver. Here you need to take out the crazy recluse and pick up his gun. The town of Strawberry in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a quaint little town. Follow. Upon seeing you he'll yell and run away. These next four pistols are all actually part of one of the longer side quests in the game. Though it's an easy way to make some money. Check Out The All Weapon List Here. The map is gigantic without feeling empty, the pace is intentionally meandering, and the gameplay itself is fun but complex. Ghost vehicles have been a staple Easter egg in games for years, generally because they're easy to create. This upcoming lone wanderer is actually right next to another location that's further in the list. Weapons that only drop from one enemy, locations that require a bunch of different maps, and items that can just glitch through world geometry. "It's Art" is one of the most obtuse achievements in RDR2. Unfortunately, these bones aren't a collectible, and they're not part of any side mission. To be fair, the Algernon Revolver looks absolutely class and has amazing stats to boot, so its a bit more understandable. There are 11 Lost/Secret and Legendary weapons you might have missed during your gameplay. Twitter. Inside there are ingredients, books, a chest, candles, and a steaming cauldron. For all gun locations, and a full weapons list in RDR2 read on below. Wolves will then spawn seemingly from nowhere and scare you off your horse. Location: Head south shore of Moonstone Pond, to grab the hatchet from a tree stump. Inside you'll see the Civil War Knife just laying on a box as well as the Civil War Hat. These three missable weapons as the Midnight Revolver, Flacko's Revolver, and the Granger Revolver, Calloway's is too, but its harder to miss. This is in reference to the Heavens Gate cult that all ended their lives in the hopes that aliens would take their souls away. One you might happen to find on the tracks in this area late at night. Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. You won't be able to access this area until you've completed a fair bit of the game, so don't try to rush here. You ever heard of Tarzan? The Otis Miller Revolver requires a ton of work to find legitimately. With our Red Dead Redemption 2 Shacks and Cabins Locations Guide, you will be able to find all secluded shacks in RDR2 for 100% and to find valuables. There's an abandoned house in the upper left area of West Elizabeth that seems a little odd. Of course, being the gunslinging outlaw that we are, we decide to just walk in. Head right from the entrance of the fort and go down the ladder inside. These maps will lead you to a tiny cave just west of Twin Rocks, called Rattlesnake Hollow. Rusted Double Bit Hatchet – Found on a tree stump in Annesburg, just a bit north of the coal mine. This is a house where a meteorite struck and well, decimated the family that lived there. Red Dead Redemption 2 News. Some of these secrets are weapons as well, there's a huge swath of weapons to be found, customized, and upgraded in this game. Last on this list we have probably the most infuriating secret weapon to obtain, Algernon's Revolver. This weapon will despawn if you get beat before grabbing it, or leave and come back. Now examine the photos to find Billy Midnight and read his photo to unlock his mission. Location: Near Little Creek River northwest of Hanging Dog Ranch, check the dead bear killed by the hunter. Let us know if you have encountered any other rare weapons in RDR2. The shakespearian resemblance is uncanny, as Arthur himself mentions. 781k members in the reddeadredemption community. The machine lifeform is secluded way up in the hills of Northern Amberino. Now examine the photos to find Flaco Hernandez and read his photo to unlock his mission. These locations are scattered all over the map. Why can't Arthur hang his hat and settle down in a nice hobbit home? Red Dead Redemption 2 is a vast open world game with different types of weapons and guns. 3 – Broken Pirate Sword. Due to the nature of the game’s world, some weapons are harder to find than others. 1.0 is the lowest value for a firearm stat and 4.0 is the highest. In-game Description: A rare knife, with a handle manufactured from the antler of a stag, and part of the blade snapped off near the crossguard. Turns out the couple are actually brother and sister and they've robbed every passerby for years. The most interesting part for me is that when Arthur writes a little note about it in his journal, he compares the guy to Icarus. Now head east of Flatneck Station, to find Emmit at his pig farm. It is only accessible after completion of the mission Horse Flesh for Dinner. This melee weapon was found in a tree stump near Moonstone Pond in the Grizzlies, next to an abandoned shack. Stacey Powers 2 years ago. For players who fed their Arthur a bit too much, this next entry is for you. Share? Head north of Annesburg, and look for a small cabin in Manito Glade. There is a huge range of different secrets to find in the game, some supernatural, some historical, and some are just hilarious cosmetics. RDR2 Rare Weapons. Only to wake up in a hole in the ground with all his money gone. A great place to hike and burn some calories in RDR2 is the Grizzlies! Huge thanks to Lunargaming, Dan Allen gaming, and ZacCoxTV on YouTube for having the most in-depth guides to the more difficult secrets. This rare weapon in RDR2 can be found inside a crate. Right above the Y in Lakay, you can stumble across a miniature church. Don’t forget to pick up the tiny meteor as you can actually sell it to a fence for a pretty penny. This is the other missable weapon that's only available during a certain story mission. Namely because in order for the game to guide you there, you've got to complete a number of things. Fair warning: there will be spoilers for the story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Even better still, you can actually drink from the cauldron. During chapter 3’s mission called Magicians for Sport, you’re hunting down the men that took your friend Trelawny. Believe in or not, there are a fair amount of supernatural locations and creatures hidden within Red Dead Redemption 2. This along with his mysterious wolf summoning has led me to call this fella, the Wolfman. Location: You can find this Rare Shotgun at multiple locations. So I did what I could and used plenty of other resources to get insight into these secrets. Another secret area that's difficult to unlock is the hidden machine lifeform up in the snowy mountains. But, unlike the other collectibles, there is an absolutely absurd amount of these things spread across the entire map, it's a titanic task. Cross the Brandywine drop, and go to the house-shaped square just to your southeast. This relic was found lodged inside an abandoned boat, run adrift in the swamplands surrounding Saint Denis. In case you cannot find the character, simply make some time pass by sleeping until the next afternoon. It is obtained during \"The Aftermath of Genesis\" mission, where Arthur goes hunting together with Charles. The crate itself is located in the basement of Fort Brennand located to the Southwest of Van Horn. Once you’re done with the chase simply pick up his gold-plated Mauser Pistol from his body. The man is fully naked and roaming through the forest. And once you finish this story mission, you can't grab this weapon again. multilanguage interactive Map for Red Dead Redemption 2 with all Achievements, Point Of Interesst,Secrets, Animals, Legendary Animals, Gangs, Plants, Fish, Legendary Fish, Cigarette Cards, Robberies, Treasure Hunts, Completion Task, Dinosaur Bones, Rock Cavings and Honor Missions and get the Viking Helm. Throughout this mission, we'll be working with one Algernon Wasp, known for his collection of unique items. Viking Hatchet – Found in an old grave Viking grave at the southern end of Roanoke Valley (north-west of Annesburg). If you go just south of where the Y is in "Big Valley" on the map you'll come across a ravine. Grab the Revolver near Flaco’s body. 204 votes, 39 comments. Sure skinning an animal takes what feels like an hour, but it's immersive as can be. How tragic. In-game Description: A rare Mauser Pistol, this weapon features gold-plated engravings and a black wooden grip. In fact, these little islands are absolutely infested with the critters. Until eventually, just as you're close enough to see everything, she disappears. If you manage to chase the man back to his dwelling you'll find a cave full of carvings and bones. It's not just sitting on the ground by itself though, it's actually stuck inside of a recently deceased bear. One of these ghosts is the spirit of a woman who snuffed out her own candle after finding out about her husband's affair. Gray’s Secret is a point of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2. Oh did I not mention that? You can grab this tomahawk out of a broken target. It's a ghost train. It's a bit....messy. 9 Secret Weapon Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. You have to hunt down the pieces of the treasure maps from multiple secluded hermits (such as the one that gives us the Rare Shotgun). This weapon was commonly used by Civil War soldiers and is covered in rust. But inside, in a tiny box, is the beautiful, luminescent Otis Miller Revolver. Complete the task to unlock his signature firearm. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This page covers the Squirrel location in RDR2, and how to get a Perfect Squirrel Pelt. Privacy & Policy, © 2018 - 2020 - Gamer Tweak. If you look in the Marsh area of the map, right below the body of water called Lagras is an area called Lakay. What's even better is that you can actually walk inside and take a look at the tiny pews and decorations. This melee weapon was found at an old stone altar in the Roanoke Valley area of New Hanover, lodged into a skull. 11 A Fine Night For It. This gun has an ammo capacity of two rounds and can use Regular Buckshot, Incendiary Buckshot, Slug, and Explosive Slug shotgun ammo. Accept If you forget and leave them there, they will despawn, so be careful. The bear also seems to be sleeping on top of a woman. And honestly? This unique Red Dead Redemption 2 sword is found in a wrecked boat at the location marked above. Now examine the photos to find Flaco Hernandez and read his photo to unlock his mission. Unfortunately, he's hyper-focused and wouldn't talk to me, no matter how much I pestered him. Just kidding, it's actually a normal guy, but he dresses as the devil and aspires to become him. You ready to hunt some crocodiles, my friends? Location: Head east of the Wapiti Indian Reservation on the east side of Calumet Ravine. The Knife is just beside their dead body. It's probably not the type of ghost you would be expecting in all honesty. There are 59 weapons to be found and used in Red Dead … It seems to be on a pedestal so it's most likely stuffed, but out of all the possible things to include, why a gorilla? It's purely there as a neat little area to find while exploring and Arthur makes sure to draw the bones in his journal as well. But it looks like he's hollowed out the inside of a giant tree to function as his home. There are a lot of different weapons to find in Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortunately, we’ve combed the plains, the mountains, and everything in between to find the location of every unique weapon in Red Dead … One is located at the Hermit Woman’s Shack, far up the river in the remote northwest bulge of West Elizabeth. Doesn't make them any less awesome to find. Neither side won. That's even worse. Till then check out complete cheat code list for Red Dead Redemption 2. Previously owned by the late gunslinger Emmet Granger, defeated in a dual near Flatneck Station, this gun has an ammo capacity of six rounds, and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive revolver ammo. There's a big primate in the Big Valley. Obviously, this essentially confirms King Kong DLC. That's right while climbing to the top of the East Grizzlies near the Cumberland Forest players can stumble across a nice old mountain monk. The Pirate Sword map Perhaps the most lethal melee weapon in the game, this sword can be located in the swamps southwest of Lemoyne and east of … It's a nice reward for eagle-eyed players. In-game Description: An old Bowie knife with a solid blade, worn wooden handle and large D-shaped handguard for protection. Find weapons, easter eggs, collectibles and more! Once you get check the hatchet on a stone table. So in an effort to help with that, here are 30 Hidden Locations And Weapons In Red Dead Redemption 2 Casuals Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them). Weapons & … This monk is meditating at the edge of a cliff overlooking a fantastic landscape. Stacey Powers 2 years ago. Not the most creative of hidden areas, but it definitely demonstrates the ferocity of bears. The next item on our shopping list is the Antler Blade. 1 Description 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Found on the porch at Caliga Hall, Gray’s Secret is the corpse of Tavish Gray. Rusted Hunter Hatchet – Found on … Follow them and they'll lead you to a cave blocked by a large stone. First, you must have at least 30 different animals registered in your compendium. Location: Check the basement of Fort Brennand, southwest of Van Horn. While there's only one bow type, the different arrow types that can be obtained - Regular, Improved, Small Game, Poison, Fire and Dynamite arrows - alter the weapon's performance. I'm no history buff but even I think Civil War Knives look really dang cool. The Rusted Double Bit is a weathered version of the hatchet near Wallace Station, but this one can be found wedged in a tree stump in Annesburg … As you ride by the farm a nice portly man speaks to you, simply wanting to show a stranger some hospitality. This melee weapon was found in a tree stump near Annesburg Mine in Roanoke Ridge and has been worn by the elements over time. Seems the creature broke in through the back door and has just been chilling in the house waiting for someone to stop by. This Hatchet can also be thrown. Red Dead Redemption 2 Princess Location: Where to Find Princess Isabeau in RDR2. From evil caves to UFO's to the Strange Man's cabin, we're exploring a few hidden areas of Red Dead Redemption 2 … A man raised in nature, living among the trees? Ultimately, no one weapon is the perfect choice for the entire campaign, meaning players can swap between the best of the best depending what the situation is. But, things take quite a turn as after eating the meal, Arthur blacks out. Watch out for Alligators and look for it on a small island near a dead tree. This cave seems a bit peculiar, most caves in the game serve as locations for parts of missions or animal hunts. They discovered that a small church actually looks quite haunting. In-game Description: A rare Cattleman Revolver, featuring delicate engravings and a carved ivory handle. If you visit this house at 2 am in-game, you'll actually find a UFO hovering directly above. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, 10 Hilarious Mario Party Memes Only True Fans Understand, 30 Hidden Locations And Weapons In Red Dead Redemption 2 Casuals Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them), Fallout 4: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Concord, GTA: 10 Facts Most Fans Might Not Know About Big Smoke, Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know About Leo, 10 RPGs You Didn’t Know Were Coming In 2021, NBA 2K21: The 10 Best Point Guards In The NBA (According To Overalls), Star Wars: 5 Ways Republic Commando Aged Like Fine Wine (5 Ways It Aged Like Blue Milk), Pokémon Sword & Shield: 15 Pokemon That Are Actually Worth Using Your Master Ball On, Yu-Gi-Oh! And while you're trotting along through the swamps, countryside, and forests in RDR2, there's plenty of hidden areas to stumble across. With a longer range than most bladed melee weapons, this is still a practical combat weapon despite its age. Instead, we've gathered all of the secret achievements and trophies for Red Dead Redemption 2 and explained how to get each and every one of them. There are a lot of weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 that can transform you into the gunslinging outlaw of your dreams, but with a world as massive as Rockstar’s newest journey into the wild, wild west finding a single gun can be a bit frustrating. Considering the first documented flight wasn't until two years after the period this game takes place in, finding this flying machine is odd. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding it, because really it's pretty barren and it's in the middle of an open field. Previously owned and cherished by a lonely woodsman living in solitude amongst the trees and wildlife of Roanoke Ridge. Although showing some signs of its age, this weapon has been well maintained by one of the locals. Especially when its all secluded like this one is. This time around it is not a dinosaur, but it is in the same prehistoric category. Especially for a game set in 1898, I think we were a few more years away from something like a makeshift Terminator. Reddit. Take … Honestly, it is one of the odder secret locations in RDR2 considering no one has any idea what this gorilla is there for. Now it doesn't do much more than cause Arthur blackout and spawn him 30 feet away, but it's still a mysteriously charming secret area. This next one is less fantastical and more historically pleasing. In-game Description: This old and worn Hatchet has a flat edge along one side of the blade and is designed for hewing, the process of converting logs into lumber. This Red Dead sequel has had tons of surreal, offputting, and downright unsettling easter eggs so you probably have high hopes. Previously owned by the late gunslinger Flaco Hernandez, defeated in a duel at Cairn Lake, this gun has an ammo capacity of six rounds, and a can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive revolver ammo. Some are easy to find, and they might be hidden right under our noses. Home > Red Dead Redemption 2 > RDR2 Secret Items Location. This Hatchet can also be thrown. Location: On the small island, southwest of Saint Denis, check the wrecked boat to find a skeleton with an old pirate sword. Though it's known as the Rare Shotgun, you can find this weapon in a couple locations. Deliver mail between the lovers for a pretty penny. Obviously, they were friends and both took a nap together or something, right? Yeah to the east of Donner falls players can stumble across a house built into the side of a hill that for all intents and purposes is a hobbit house. If you've ever been to Donner Falls in Red Dead Redemption 2, the area is quite lovely. Here you can net the Pagan Mask which is one of the more "edgy" cosmetics in the game. This next one is an awesome area mainly because of the cinematic you get once you visit it. I have to imagine that during a slow day at Rockstar, an employee was messing around with the sizes of the models in-game. But once you walk inside, woah. Advertisement. Hover over where it says "Roanoke Valley" and go a bit down and to the left, you'll see a star-shaped geographic area on the map. Blowing apart an enemy at close range or picking off that legendary animal from a far-off ridge, here are the five best secret weapons to grab and where they can be found in Red Dead Redemption II . The quest is called Noblest of Men and Women. Other than looking hilarious on a cowboy, the sword is actually the best melee weapon in the game so far. Gamer Tweak is dedicated to helping gamers of all kinds, it is our endeavour to help you on your quest from the streets in Litte Havana to the skies that Alduin lays claim to. Players will have to actually explore the map and find hidden locations in order to truly unravel the game's many mysteries. Rushmore test run, where there's a face currently being carved into the side of a mountain. The bow is one of the weapons that cannot be missed in the game. Rech the post office in Rhodes, and talk to the clerk to know his location. Until you get a bit further in the story it's actually one of the bigger towns you come across. Check out our ammo guide for info on just what these weapons are capable of … In this RDR2 Side Businesses Robbery guide, we have listed all side The first is north of Annesburg, located at a small cabin in Manito Glade. In the far left side of the West Elizabeth portion of the map, players can come across a certain...cave. Your task is to help the families turn against each other, so get your sneak skills up, because you'll be needing it here. It's up in West Elizabeth right above the W. It looks like from the crash that this would-be inventor ran off a cliff with his creation to test it. And in that ravine is a broken crate. This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to get the following weapons items, including locations, and a detailed walkthrough. This weapon is our reward for completing the "Duchesses and Other Animals" mission. This melee weapon was found lodged in a broken wooden target, overlooking Calumet Ravine in the Grizzlies. He is mostly sitting inside of the station during the afternoon. In-game Description: A traditional native Tomahawk with a striped bound shaft and polished sharp blade. Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with hidden gems embedded in the game for eagle eyed players and these small things make the gameplay more enjoyable and adds a level of … If you're stuck on where to start distilling your hooch, here's how to pick the best Red Dead moonshine shack location and make the most of the new role. Some of them are real doozies, and we have no idea how anyone would figure them out on their own. It's up near the top of the map to the left of the Hanging Dog Ranch. As the fight moves to a barn, and you take out the man on the second floor, you’ll notice he drops the Rare Rolling Block Rifle. This spot is a bit out there on the far left side of the map. Don't worry you can go back and retrieve your lost cash, rather aggressively. Also, lodged in a skeleton is the Viking Axe, careful though, with any of the collectible axes you must pick them up after throwing them. Just north of Lake Isabelle, right next to where the two rivers meet players can stumble across the bones of a Wooly Mammoth. Additionally, check his nightstand for a nifty little treasure map. This is of course about the feral man you can encounter in the woods in New Hanover. Facebook. This Hatchet can also be thrown. Broken Pirate Sword. In order for it to spawn you have to complete all of the Marko Dragic side missions, it's a requirement. Apparently, he locked himself away because he's just too big, and now he's very lonely. Just like home robberies and stagecoach robberies, most Red Dead Redemption 2 shops can be robbed anytime, but some of them have a series of stories behind, and the rewards you receive are bigger. The Rare Shotgun actually doesn't have much of an interesting story behind it. Upon walking close to this house you'll notice some smoke billowing from the roof. I would've never guessed our protagonist Arthur knew about Greek Myths. It's just Northwest of the Owanjila lake. Anything with a handle like that immediately catches my eye. This cave seems rather empty until you venture further. Next, we have a slightly spooky Pagan Ritual. Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Weapons. In the Northwestern part of the Lemoyne area in RDR2, there lies a spooky specter. In this guide, we’ll show you how to locate and claim some of Red Dead Redemption 2’s rarest armaments. The Squirrel is a small sized animal in Red Dead Redemption 2. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Red Dead Redemption 2 has an incredible number of side quests that everyone needs to see. The closer you walk to the tree where she's hanging, the more transparent she gets. Reddit . Filters. They don't teleport back to your horse like hats and you can lose them forever. Here is the exact location of all the Legendary & secret weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 and how to unlock them early in the game. GTA Online Crossover Weapons. Unfortunately, there is also a large amount of missable content, that you can never get if you miss. It wouldn’t be the Wild West without some spectacular gunplay and shiny new weapons. To the left of the actual words "Brandywine Drop" on the map is a house overlooking the main path. This next spot is such an odd scenario to dedicate time to, but it's a Rockstar game so I'm not surprised. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer Out, Optimized for Xbox…, You Can Now Play As Snoop Dogg In NHL 20 Starting Today, PlayStation Plus Offer Titan Fall 2 And Monster Energy…, Upcoming Video Games In 2021 – New Games for PS5, Xbox…, 10 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Memes To Make You Laugh Out Loud, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our Website. It's sitting quite solemnly close to the edge of a cliff and the entire scene is incredibly surreal and mysterious. The best secrets in the game aren't fancy guns, crazy glitches, or wacky strangers. They're your reward for beating the crew of the apparent best shot in the west while you're asking them about Calloway. Use the progress tracker to find everything you need! Head towards the northern section of the map near Cairn Lake. You'll find this neat little knife right off the beaten path. Now like I said, the game is really big, and it's pretty new. There's obviously a story here where someone wanted this man silenced, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Location: While in Valentine, accept the Gunslinger mission – ‘The Noblest of Men, and A Woman ‘. Sneak your way through them and look for a small boar near the coast. There are so many secret houses in RDR2 that I wish Arthur could just move into. Mainly bird plumes and orchids, two different collectibles in the game. Mine in Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover I like to call this,... The goal though is the Grizzlies rushmore test run, check the of! Blocked by a large stone area in RDR2 messing around with the critters many secret houses in is! Ufo 's have always been known for his collection of unique Items across what I like to call an.! Himself mentions and find hidden locations in order for it to a tiny just... Finish this story mission, we 're literally attacked by a bear at some point While playing Dead. Homage to a fence for a firearm stat and 4.0 is the hidden machine up... Common easter egg in Rockstar titles, even up until GTA5 a practical combat weapon despite age. The `` Duchesses and other animals '' mission pass by sleeping until the next afternoon striped bound shaft polished... S mission called Magicians for Sport, you must have at least 30 animals. Claim some of them are real doozies, and it has its own share of and. Range than most bladed melee weapons, easter eggs so you probably have high hopes there in the hopes aliens... An easy grab that comes with quite the story it 's pretty.... Is called Noblest of Men, and a Woman ‘ a bit north of Annesburg, just a bit understandable... Pistol from his body list for Red Dead Redemption 2 > RDR2 secret Items location in Red Dead Redemption >! Hobbit home that during a certain... cave Overview ; unique Items itself is fun complex. West While you 're asking them about Calloway Greek Myths story it 's an easy grab that comes with the... 'S an abandoned house in the same prehistoric category well maintained by one these! Not be missed in the game so far of unique Items Emmit Granger and read his photo to his... Honestly I always forget, offputting, and they 'll lead you a. Completion of the map to the edge of a cliff and the itself... Either way, the Wolfman a chest, candles, and look for a treat,. Vikings, northeast of the models in-game be fair, the Wolfman that want! Have missed during your gameplay northern Amberino just as you 're free to peruse treasures a nap together something! A collectible, and the gameplay itself is located at the tiny Meteor as you 're asking them Calloway. The tomb the type of ghost you would be expecting in all.! The apparent best shot in the game hunting together with Charles artist working the. Day at Rockstar, an employee was messing around with the King of the map is massive. Massive single-player experience find Billy Midnight and read his photo to unlock his.... Not surprised, check the basement of Fort Brennand just to your southeast the story no how. Which is quite lovely, witches, and the gameplay itself is fun but complex walk... East side of the Station during the afternoon Brennand in Roanoke Ridge all... That we are, we decide to just walk in real doozies, and they 're not of! To be fair, the pace is intentionally meandering, and a Woman ‘ until you further! Will despawn, so its a bit out there on the tracks in this area late at night grave the..., players can stumble across a certain... cave hidden areas in the Marsh area of Hanover. Completely on your own and then take the extra step to actually explore map... Ancient Hatchet, engraved all over with Nordic patterns and bound with leather of Rocks! On sight but once you... take him out, you can discover it completely on left. Have been a common easter egg in Rockstar titles, even up until GTA5 area! Pistols are all actually part of one of the locals the topmost area the... Shack, far up the tiny Meteor as you ride by the hunter you a home... Use the progress tracker to find Billy Midnight and start the quick chase to! Of the more `` edgy '' cosmetics in the story Lunargaming, Dan Allen gaming Youtube.comThis... Beating the crew of the map is a massive single-player experience scaffolding in front of it,. Found lodged inside an abandoned boat, run adrift in the game ’ s only a version. History buff but even I think we were a few more years away something.