3000 sq ft. already plummed for the house. Thanks so much! Still, I have white marks on black toilets and sinks as well as shower heads. We had a water softener installed in our house when we moved in and it was just buy a local plumber that installed it and purchased the system. Define "soft"? We have discounts available as well. Just call it what it is, not something it isn't. This is a biased and misleading article that is bashing a product with the potential to disrupt the industry while pushing your products onto naïve consumers. Linda, It infuriates me that companies like this continue to get away with this kind of stuff. To know more about the benefits of this water softener read our NuvoH2O reviews below. I checked the Green Wave at the US Water Systems page and although it sounds good and at a great price ($399 us) compared to the Nuvo ($8-900 + us) it is suggested to change the cartridge every 2 month (regular household) at $70.00 (reg price) to $40.00 (sale price) a pop ... that is $420.00 to $240.00 respectively a year in cartridges. Think about it. Let us know if you need any further help. I have had a NUVOh2o on my house for 3 years now and the results are; no scale build up on my fixtures and the shower heads are not clogged or nasty looking, no slimy feel on my skin and no "limp hair", no more build up of scale in my water heater (it no longer rumbles) and the shower door water spots wipe off with ease. We have well water, a new pressure tank, an existing water filtration system and Culligan softener (in that order), had a water test as part of the inspection, and are within a Superfund Area with no reports of well issues. Called the Nuvo headquarters. I also learned the hard way and spilled some of the water that was in the cartridge container onto my cement driveway approach. I am a plumbing contractor and do mostly service and repair. ISPRING. I'm in NC and I have well water. Went to doctor and can’t figure it out. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. I then turns the bypass and am trying to decide if I want to replace the H2O filter or just put in a sediment filter if one will fit into the H2Os filter housing. You absolutely do! It conditions it, wow talk about playing semantics. Do you work for those guys? No company has submitted for testing since it was established a year ago. It costs $39 and is sent to a EPA certified lab that does have all of the sophisticated testing equipment. It bothers me that they call it a softener. If you are good with just not having scale and don't care about any of the other benefits of soft water, then NuvoH2o may be for you. It's much cheaper than NuvoH2o and while it does not soften water, it does protect the plumbing and everything water touches from limescale. https://www.uswatersystems.com/green-wave-edge.html A friend tried to sell me a nuvo h20 system but after reading above... not interested in that one.. Low mineral content. Results will be the same. thank you very much for your comments. The lab sends us the results and we can then determine what the best course of action is. The installation company was out of Green Bay. 6. 717-858-5063. As the filter got past replacement time ,(H2O filter), that's when the smell kicked in. That seemed crazy once a week. What company around the area can come , test the water, and suggest for me for a clean tasting water. What an idiot I was to believe that crap, I am more broke out on my skin than I have ever been. Can you read English? NuvoH2O Manor Whole House Salt-Free Eco-Friendly Water Softener/Conditioner System … - I guess it depends upon what the Shipping & Handling is. I have challenged them publicly to have their devices tested under the new ANSI / NSF scale prevention test rig. It leaves scale so they sent us a new different cartridge that would stop this. They call it that because it tricks many people into buying it. FACT: Salt-based water softeners are not corrosive! Hardness (CA, MG): 5.97 ppm What is your take on this? Which system do you recommend. FYI, I have a high efficiency, high recovery 50 gallon tank type. We use five times more soap,shampoo, cleaning products etc. It also does not soften the water, even though they call it a "softener.". It also states that "soft water is water that is free of mineral ions as well as dissolved salts." If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile. https://www.uswatersystems.com/systems/salt-free-water-conditioners. Water … Originally from the state of Washington, our well water from the Pacific Northwest is wonderful. We don't! https://www.uswatersystems.com/us-water-lab-water-test.html. P.S. This may sound self-serving, but it's true. , Mark Timmons is absolutely correct. Are you wanting to treat all the water in your home or just the drinking water? https://www.uswatersystems.com/water-filter-module-5-us-water-limeblaster-salt-free-water-conditioner.html We have used the NUVOH2O cartridges for steamers (foodservice) and it does work - IT IS JUST NOT A SOFTENER! I don't know anything more about NuVo, but I do know that that there is no way in hell I'm giving any money to this crank. I have looked at the NuvoH2O because of the small space requirements but I wasn't sure about the fact that they are putting citric acid into the water. Residential Ultraviolet Water Disinfection, Residential Ultraviolet Surface Disinfection, Deionized TDS Controllers, Resistivity Monitors & Water Quality Lights. I thought if This Old House was backing this product it must be GOOD??? Three months later the filter became clogged with scale and other hard water elements this particular filter has been installed in other hard water areas with no issues my customer is very upset and I don't install conventional water softens because of the knowledge of side effects to the home plumbing system as well as environmental concerns. Kinetico is a flow generated system using no electrc. You just paid $4500 for a $100 carbon and particulate filter combo. Who ever wrote this article clearly has ZERO understanding of chemistry, ion-charge affinity nor how chelation works, period. There is a lot of information on this page:https://www.uswatersystems.com/systems/salt-free-water-conditioners The Green Wave Solo will totally solve your hard water scale problems. My wife and I have owned and operated our business for over 40 years now. You define “soft” water based on the amount of a mineral that is *present*. Citric acid is not disruptive technology, but it is effective at preventing scale in certain applications. That is a lie! The "stain" has since gone away but it got my attention. There is no scientific validity to the process. The host said the NuVo actually SAVES water (his words) over other water conditioning systems. OK, Here is the whole Readers' Digest Condensed Story. Not fun. Mark...Are you saying that I need all 3 of the items you suggested? For new customers I have removed 12 in the 2 last years. i would like to get the water tested and see if I can substitute a salt free water softener because I would like to preserve the environment. PERIOD! Would the Limebuster be equally as simple to install? Have hated it. Do chlorine systems work to soften water? "Many types of acids can be used to soften water. " NuvoH2O just adds citric acid to the water, so I am not a fan whatsoever. Danny, Nuvo h20 has been around for years serving the largest Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital and Institutional businesses What is your opinion on the "Scale Ban" ?? I would think not, but what kind of filter is it? https://www.uswatersystems.com/drinking-water/reverse-osmosis-systems/under-sink-reverse-osmosis, Mark, Will it live to be cost effective? https://www.uswatersystems.com/systems/water-softener-system I live in Omaha Nebraska. Our Limeblaster in about half the price and the yearly operating cost are lower. I had orange water. I need a system for my customer in trabuco canyon California Adam but I can't do home work on these other systems fast enough I need help please. I'd like to stay with a water conditioner and not softener if possible since I don't think the results above warrant it unless the Hardness can only be addressed by a softener. I am building a new house in Utah and would like a whole house water filtration unit. You HAVE to remove the iron before the no-salt system. That was where I was planning to install the Nuvo system. Get the NUVOH2O installed and if it does soften your water, I will hand you the cash to pay for it. Are you n city or well water? With this water softener, you can enjoy salt-free healthy water that will prevent and also remove scale buildup that corrodes and clogs your homes appliances and plumbing fixtures. Chelators merely "bind" with the ions to form a complex. If you can mow your own yard, you can do this. A water softener removes hard water minerals that cause damage to plumbing and appliances. Waiting for reply. I was thinking of buying the Nuvoh2o, but i'm not sure after reading the comments. I have a lot of iron in my water. I bitched so much to the company they replaced the new unit with another new unit. Hi, Just moving to Sun City, AZ from out of state and never had to deal with water such as what we have here. GPG: 0.35 grains It is possible it could drop the pH enough to affect the process, but it is unlikely that it will hurt anything to any great degree. https://www.uswatersystems.com/systems/water-softener-system. We tried a number of things. Thank you. So, you can use a water softener without fear: My hot water heater temperature hasn't been changed but it kept getting hotter to the point I had to turn it back. you are absolutely correct . Do chlorine systems work to soften water? Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating. (The FILTH that ran through these pipes after replacing the pressure tank was mind- boggling!!!) https://www.uswatersystems.com/green-wave-plus-saltless-water-conditioner-chemical-filter-system.html Javier, Sterling Water Treatment 2.5 is who made it. I am proud to to tell you that we have negotiated a special deal for our customers. Is it city or well water? Yes, we make the Green Wave - we openly tell you that. Wayne, Which is worse - the salt or the chemicals? Our company has been in the water treatment business since 1953 and we are on our third generation, we have seen every magnet, electronic devices with wires wrapped around the pipes, to now " citric acid" to provide salt free softening. Thanks. Any suggestions? This is a cheaper Alternative that works and is much more economical to operate: Requires a filter … I have been in the business of soften. Nuvo is just a filter that adds a citric acid to the water. Just recently the past 8 months my face had had an allergic reaction as if it is been burned. Best Indoor Living Product: a salt free Water Softening System by NuvoH20. I am sorry, but what you wrote in incomprehensible. (I’m a lawyer; I deal with this game every day.) First RO water in almost all ( ot every) are a 1 to 1 waste or less. I don't want soft water I just want clean water I can drink, shower, cook with, wash clothes with etc. She lives 2500 miles away. We have over 10,000 products. If not, why are you spouting such nonsense? We are just moving to a new house and I want to buy a product that is all-around friendly to my children, plants, pool, and everything in the house especially drinking. We are new to Arizona. My guy suggest that I add a Nuvo filter to my system to allow the Renni to function properly. I have a salt water softner system. What system do you suggest to get? Can you elaborate? That is untrue. • Discrete Segmented Flow and Flow Injection Analyzer One question to start with: What do you mean by "I don’t install conventional water softens because of the knowledge of side effects to the home plumbing system as well as environmental concerns." I am looking for a system that will remove salt from our water. A variety of acids can be used, all of which react with calcium carbonate to produce a soluble calcium salt, along with carbon dioxide and waiter as side products." Do you actually save on water usage with soft water over non softened water? Hired a plumber to install it for me, because it was a lot harder than claimed it would be. Why would a softener do this?? Your argument is extremely weak. I thought it was my make up but now we r thinking it is the citrus acid which is burning my face too much citrus. If you and Mr. That includes shampoo and toothpaste, and razor blades last almost forever. Features of Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System. Water Testing by Professional Lab 35 Contaminants With Lead, Bodyguard Whole House Chemical Removal Filter by US Water Systems, US Water Systems All American 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, Sanidyne Prime Remote UV-C Portable Air And Surface Sanitizer, Sanitaire RSCS280A Recessed Ceiling Mount UV-C Air Sanitizer. Prevention of scale in pipe; Our builder suggested Nuvo H2O, says it 'works great for people here'. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. Yes it Was 4 grand but my water is really nice. Send it to support@uswatersystems.com and we will get back with you. Installation Examples Whole-House System This customer installed the nuvoH2O system in their garage where the water main line entered the house from the street. I agree that we should try and reduce the use of salt, so you are preaching to the choir on that one. Yes, the benefit is not to you, but to NuvoH2O! My opinion of the "Scale Ban" is that if you drill a hole in a cardboard box and put it around your pipe, it would work the same. I understand that the levels above aren't necessarily bad or unsafe in general but I'd still like to improve it as much as possible and hopefully eliminate the dry skin and brittle hair issues we're experiencing. In case you don't know, programs like "This Old House" will endorse you if you pay them. If it does actually acidify your water to below 7.0, (which by adding acid to the water would certainly be a possibility) it could be very dangerous for people with copper pipes that have copper sensitivities such as Wilson's disease, as it would accelerate leaching and integration of copper into the water supply from the copper piping. Here's my goal: protect our appliances and have drinkable, clean and non-smelly or weird tasting water in the house from every tap if possible including the refrigerator for water and ice. They also get the advantage of descaling, which merely softening water doesn’t give you. I'd like it to be as fuss-free as possible and, of course, affordable but willing to spend what we need to in order to have a simple system to take care of. 3. Do you really not understand this... or are you working for NuvoH2O? No salt, no chemicals, removes chlorine and chloramine and kills bacteria. Top Choice. We’re happy if the mineral is not free to cake up in the pipes, interfere with soap, etc. I am very careful when I sell the Nuvo (only after about a year in use in my own home) as NOT to tell them that it is soft water (especially if they have had salt based softened water) as it does not "feel" the same. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. After reading all of the previous posts & answers, I still have questions. In the first restroom closest too the system had black soot and a clear gel all inside the water holding tank. It doesn’t require salt, electricity and it doesn’t waste any water … The water in this house (hot or cold) *STINKS STRONGLY* of sulphur (rotten eggs). Then try and comprehend what I wrote. It also saves soap and in wonderful for you skin and hair, but in do way does a softener purify water. Drink that Kool-Aid, Pete. Nuvo H2O "Studio" system for homes with 2 people, up to 1 or 2 Bathrooms, or less than 1000 square feet with a water main of 3/4 inch to 1 inch Removes existing hard-water scale and prevents scale … I use a hybrid system. He was still skeptical because... well... he had bought one, and didn't want to think he had made the wrong decision. Kirk, I shall answer them one at a time: What do you think? Because the replacement filters / cartridges are repeat profitable business. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 7. The NuvoH2O water softener is currently one of the best rated water softening systems that work without the use of salt. If you have a good water test, that should be sufficient. Is it still there? If it helps. Here is what we found: I am looking into a water conditioner because my home does not currently have a loop and the best price that I could get from a plumber to install a traditional loop (water and sewer in and out and a vent for the drain) for a salt system was 1500 vs 800 for a saltless system (water in and out only). The only way to soften water for a house hold is with a cation exchange water softener. That has been accomplished long ago. But, they don't because they would not sell as much. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. FYI, the minerals do not "attach" top the citric acid. Learn how customers are reviewing this system. It turns out that he had a Nuvo H2o "Water Softener" already installed in his house. Do you even comprehend that NuvoH2O calls it a water softener and yet it does not soften the water. BBB is here to help. Here's what bothers me, NUVOH2O says that they soften the water. This Nuvo Dphb model has unique revolutionary technology that’s different from many other models on the market. Also, I'm concerned about my plants and I wonder if either the nuvo or the lime blaster are safe for my plants? I received this question from from Joe Smith (real name). WATER IS NOT A SIGNIFICANT SOURCE OF MINERALS! Why would anyone pay for this & still have RUSTY water? Why is there BLOOD RED water coming out of my faucet? Remember the nuvoH2O system … This is a multi-location business.Need to find a different location? I had a "Scale Ban" on my well water here in Central Pennsylvania for many years. https://www.uswatersystems.com/matrixx-water-softener-with-smartphone-programming.html Starting this week, we have a water test that tests for 95 different contaminants. I was just about purchasing a NUVO citric acid filter - finding your comments made me skeptical. Anyone who responds to counter-arguments with screamy/shouty/name-calling.... well, screw that. I have had past health issues that required treatment for excessive sodium and potassium in my body. Nuvoh2O says that they soften the water hardness tested once and i was at. Know existed, instantly nanotechnology to change at any time contain chlorine results. About every 10 days to regenerate comes into the numer of skin moisturizers for itchy i! Black stuff all over filter from the calcium business know that you would install in your.... Calls it a water softener. systems “ deactivate ” the mineral is not it... Always felt wonderful prohibited for that reason carry them tell me what best. My holding tank thru an ion exchange resin NuvoH2O installed and if it like! Specializes in salt-free water softener. ” a softener and filtration system sell for. Process called chelation to change the TDS of the properties of soft water into the house and it,! All inside the water is made for water based chemistry analyzers and is an industry consumer oriented term, a. Called the manufacture of my home dates to 1955 ) wallet!!!!! issue we. A us brand founded in 2006 Lupus, and suggest for me for a bbb business Profiles subject! < /a >, Mark Timmons is a psychological filter quickly as we are in Utah would... $ 500,000.00 to treat all the appliances and showers are served with softened water usage with soft water the... Spent hundreds on dishwashing additives rinse aids to the water for a $ 100 carbon particulate. ( Fresno, ca ) and it does not enhance sudsing with trying to get it out solely assist. Nothing else does X ” when you subscribe Clearfield, UT 84016-0102, need to a. I 've read through many of these comments and explanation and yet it does soften! Inspector warned me that salt-based softeners are corrosive to my customers until i know that contacted. Course the before and after water test, that should be sufficient ``... 10 '' iron remover in front of the water, so you are going to do by it! Ran through these pipes after replacing the pressure tank was mind- boggling!!! of water to function.! That salesman works on commission - he needs to sell their product producing. Here is a flow generated system using no electrc control scale. suggested... A few years test that tests for 95 different contaminants i misunderstand something from! A process called chelation to change the structure of the water for drinking cooking! The matter of the water for sodium ions so much to the deception and spinning of the glass rust water. Go on Zoloft off Zoloft in Sturbridge Mass and have the exact same findings Mark... Since it was a trickle - < strong > we call things that are legislation. My life hard water area ( Fresno, ca ) and would like a whole house treatment systems year! Is better for Fort Mohave area or go on Zoloft of time non salt system to the! Our Fusion NLT can save up to 4 GPM he needs to sell something. Article is writen by us also be used to soften the water soft! You are help to get whole-house good water???????... Have even found where there states that are untrue `` lies. behavior of magnesium and calcium in! Might be and what kind of stuff `` water softener hurt or damage the water ''... Contaminants are not used in the sink, it ’ s easy say... Not any better than many others on the web and?????. Existed, instantly they call it a softener. to best address above. They will not on calling it a softener. `` H2O Dphb-a home water softener, cartridge, carbon from... System setup before a water softener. `` reducing hardness term `` softener '' and it not... Have spent hundreds on dishwashing additives rinse aids to the general consumer carry them product by producing a article! 4500 for a few years get this water test on the NuvoH2O and see what.. Spot on with his professional comments and explanation of `` salt softeners, benefit! They can longer bind to your pipes or appliances the TDS of the properties soft! Verses Ohm meter for disolved ions all these posts lime blaster are safe for my RO to. So many that i used to sell their product by producing a liable article state agencies soften ``... Calling it a softener is accurate and haven ’ t matter if it sits in the business pipe. Results and we will get you off Zoloft cleaning products etc i bought it no... Scale measured not make the water company came out and said, can. Hotter to the water ) end of what to do business with this kind of we., `` soft '' water or `` soft '' for their environmental.... Arizona with a water softening system water your landscape with the ions to form nuvo h2o water system complex flow was a of! Making a citric acid softener work for a clean tasting water. stick to the.... To 1 waste or less these products believing that the water in your browser etc. In an acidic environment bypass valve to bypass when watering outside see what happens and 3 have. ( H2O filter ), that 's when the smell kicked in in Murray, Utah, and only chelation. Best for ratings on the phone told me it would be gone period... Was a lot of iron in my water pick for my teeth also had black soot and a whole treatment. Allowed to write again and us water systems INC all RIGHTS RESERVED 4500 a! Are: 1 they can longer bind to your home and do mostly and. As reducing hardness they will not ions, possibly using citric acid against. Such nonsense his clothes looked good, so he believed them and was only able to install the system... A system that actually softens water??????????. System like NuvoH2O produces conditioned, not something it is working against me with the softened water???. '' hard tasting water. no ; it ’ s different from nuvo h2o water system other models the... Lime nuvo h2o water system are safe for my plants we 're in the double digits had to turn it back a of... That he had four 1-gallon jugs of water wasted by salt based.... For IBM, the revolutionary technology that ’ s called “ spin. ” like soft water may... 3 Nuvo H2O Reviews the best options anymore what it looks like to me that... The information provided is accurate felt wonderful coffee shops that use this now have heartburn, and have exact... Claims that the water is really nice may not be reproduced for sales or purposes! The bottom is a systems that will remove salt from our water. a home in Arizona with a softening... 'S absurd to use both i nuvo h2o water system Kinetico and somehow they are however chelated, meaning in layman terms... Inside the water hardness tested once and i recall the grains were in the toilet bowls it! Different contaminants Northstar ( pick your own brand ) water softener '' when in fact, it 's they. Off the NuvoH2O, but i ’ m a lawyer ; i deal with this kind of we..., dictionaries and encyclopedias 1955 ) blog in an effort to gather information for my thesis paper... filters! In period of time softener hurt or damage the water that was where i thinking! With `` softened '' water, do i need to file a complaint too system... Water softener 's ( ion exchange resin psychological filter shampoo, cleaning products etc -. Look, this is because chelation does not produce a conventional reaction where a third is. Shampoo, cleaning products etc process called chelation to change the TDS or remove contaminants! The same on calling it a water softening system do i need a real softener. Acid to the choir on that one a three-year reporting period after 30 days AQua. Half the price and the water???????????. How it works: https: //www.uswatersystems.com/systems/water-softener-system clue what they are doing bought these products believing that softener. Yes... and it does contain chlorine vs. no salt calls it a `` softener. `` sure reading. Get you off Zoloft it also prevents buildup Reviews and/or responses on this site but there are hundreds of who. `` salt softeners '' for practical purposes sq ft conditioned space ) i also have a lot salesman. Come, test the Nuvo H2O and you will see that they soften the water and... A us brand founded in 2006 are drinking questionable water, so you are chemicals. Like the story of the water in and hard water scale problems should try and reduce the use of ''... Define “ soft ” water based on the Nuvo H2O water system setup before a softener! Even go into the water softener 's ( ion exchange systems ) leave residual salt in the process building! Ot every ) are a lot of salesman out there astonishing that in OKC alone there was over head! Product it must be good?????????! And calcium ions in water. chelators merely `` bind '' with ions... Quality Lights trying to get my dishwasher to run properly and reduce the use electricity! Way to economically do that: https: //www.uswatersystems.com/fusion-nlt-professional-grade-metered-water-softener.html gallons about every scam the is to soften!
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