Also what was the thickness of the product, was it a thinner grade or thicker plank? Which means the floorings top layer is waterproof, but there is no guarantee spills can’t get beneath the seams. My issue is currently in the claims department of Avalon Flooring where I purchased my floor. Is there any LVP flooring he would recommend? Jill how did your floor turn out? Within 1 week the ends of the boards separated. If so, please let us know the 7-digit Mohawk claim number, or what name the claim might have been filed under, and we’ll be able to check its status for you. These wider planks total 6.5 mm thick with a wear layer of 12 mil. I thought about taking it all back right after I started, but figured I would slug through it. And in case of a leak, can the locking mechanism be affected, or will the planks swell? Hello Tammy, I’m Laura with Mohawk Flooring – I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. I don’t have the time to deal with this type of run around so I will be taking my business elsewhere. It was like a lake under half the floor and it smelled awful. I highly recommend Karndean Korelock LVP, I have it in my home with 6 pets and it is wonderful! With the patented Uniclic ® Multifit, vinyl planks can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at an angle, so installation is easy and saves you both money and time. Add to Cart. I receive my order next week. Hi Dave, I’m Laura and I work for Mohawk – I”m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. Our current 20 year old builder’s grade floor is a full sheet of vinyl. Word of mouth is the best or worst advertising, in this case it is going to be the WORST. The company’s top ambassador for their SolidTech vinyl planks is none other than internet sensation“Doug the Pug.” Yes, the YouTube superstar has decided to join his fellow animal kingdom buddies in the high stakes game of selling to humans. I was about to buy this product because it was on for a great price at Lowe’s but based on the reviews, I’m not going near it. Mohawk Vinyl Flooring. Disappointed. Your email address will not be published. Our team had looked for a claim under your name, but we didn’t see one; has your retailer filed a claim for you? I hear ya! Outside of the normal conditions, let the planks acclimate for 48 … The next category in SolidTech plank is Revelance. Definitely holds up better. I apologize again for your experience. What is your sub-floor, is the floor in the livingroom, kitchen, or a high traffic hallway, did you glue or use interlocking, how long ago did you install the floor, what kind of under layment did you use? Mohawk states these planks are nearly dentproof unlike many other vinyl products on the market. Jim. If your claim was declined based on pictures or an inspection, you can have the claim reopened by having a second inspection done: you would hire an inspector and have them send their report to Mohawk. Item #2674984. The Revelance collection is slightly more traditional in styling. The three offer identical levels of waterproofing and scratch resistance. Like the floor design but click together sucks. It’s exceptionally easy to clean, and more protected against drops and spills─perfect for your family’s busy lifestyle. Mohawk industries also supports worthy charities and organizations. I apologize again for your experience. We bough the Mohawk Medford Oak and laid it in the kitchen, front room, dinning room and bedrooms. Hi Dave, this is Laura with Mohawk Flooring – I’d responded to a post from you on another site; I’m sorry again to hear about your experience with your flooring. I really wish i would have seen this comment of yours now, before i just bought a whole house worth of Mohawk laminate flooring at Costco. Skip to main content. Remember to move furniture out of the way and remove wall trim before starting your install. Thank you. The truth is most vinyl planks come with the same benefits. Floor looks terrible. What was your subfloor? Link to Lowe's Home ... Deacon 13-Piece 7.6-in x 51.8-in Cardinal Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. My husband is taking it up right now for the third time to relay it. But, one thing hasn’t, Mohawk’s commitment to manufacturing high-quality and affordable products. Re the recommendation to go with Pergo: Mohawk purchase the Pergo company, so can we expect the same level of failure from Pergo? Easy to maintain. Thanks in advance. When walking on floor there felt like air pockets in some sections. So glad I just read your review! Now im really concerned if this is they way you treat customers and we have to pay for our own inspector with a huge chance of being denied IF anything goes wrong, and reading All the above comments. I’m looking at Costco’s with 5 mm thickness but it does not give the wear layer. We are having a similar issue in the same 2 year time-frame. Grrrrrr. Just want to say thanks to everyone for taking the time to post their reviews. I can’t blame Lowes, but I wish they would have steered me away from it. Would not buy again. Have to rip it out and start over. ... Sheet Vinyl. our claim for scratch’s was denied only had the floor 2 1/2 months and only 2 adults in the home we have scratches every were in spite of doing everything they recommend. I think I may have spent too much, $12,200 CDN for 1,200 sq feet including installation and HST. DISSATISFIED customer. We spent about $700 on materials for 350 square feet and did it ourselves. Can I take this floor up and re-do it? As always, remember to try before you buy and get a feel for the flooring before you make any concrete decisions. AVOID MOHAWK LVT… period! The seams would not stay together, and was not so easy to work with comparing to other brands I’ve worked with in the past. I’m glad that I read the reviews, I’m looking forward to the challenge. I am so unhappy with it because it keeps coming apart at seems. what was the wear layer to what you used. How is the floor holding aftern 2 more months? We were trying to decide if we wanted to get the Coral Reef planks in the Blended Tones collection. Jeanine Hintze is a professional content writer, and home improvement enthusiast from Long Island. What a nightmare to install. We live in the country so we have alot of dust blowing in when we open the windows. I’m researching the different brands now. We plan to tell all our friends to stay away from this Mohawk product. I have 1000 sf being installed right now. Have you recently installed Mohawk vinyl planks or know someone who has? I will say the flooring didn’t smell till we started pulling it up. I hope they don’t smell ! Rick; Does anyone have Pergo experience to share? I saw your comment on here and am wondering if you ever received any feedback? I apologize again for your experience. Find Mohawk vinyl plank at Lowe's today. The ends touch in the middle but there’s a gap on both sides on the short ends. I have professional installers and so far everything looks good. Thanks. So disappointed. Samples are the best way to see how the new flooring will look and feel in your home. Mohawk makes one of the largest collections of laminate flooring in prices from about $1.90 to $3.35 per square foot plus the cost of installation supplies.. Do you recommend it? And no people it is Not scratch resistant, either. I’m concerned about the smell and water or spills, pet accidents. Quick question…did you do install this yourself or have someone install it? I wondered why they had taken it off of display. Pergo Sunset Pine LF000963 Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: THO), Mohawk Sanford Ridge Nomadic Oak Laminate Flooring (RevWood Plus), Mohawk Sanford Ridge Mineral Oak Laminate Flooring (RevWood Plus), Mohawk Sanford Ridge Wheat Field Oak Laminate Flooring (RevWood Plus), Balterio Vitality Ranch Oak Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: GND), Balterio Metropolitan Autumn Forest Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: GND), Balterio Metropolitan Vienna Oak Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: GHB), Mohawk Oasis Collective Silver Shadow Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: THO), Harmonics by Mohawk Mill Creek Maple Laminate Flooring (Warehouse: THO), ActiveSound Accoustical Underlayment for floating Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) 100 Sq Ft, Simple Solutions Laminate Moisturebloc Film 120 Sq Ft, Simple Solutions Soundbloc Foam Laminate Underlayment 100 Sq Ft, Simple Solutions Moisturebloc Laminate Film 700 Sq Ft, Simple Solutions Soundbloc Foam Laminate Underlayment 1300 Sq Ft, Laminate Floor Installation Kit (Warehouse: THO), Pergo SimpleSolutions Laminate Floor Installation Spacers, Simple Solutions Light Tone Laminate Floor Sealant, Simple Solutions Medium Tone Laminate Floor Sealant, Simple Solutions Dark Tone Laminate Floor Sealant. It looks just like weathered hardwood planks. Do not buy Mohawk LVP FLOORING because you will only end up replacing it. I can only pray now that my floors stay intact for the next 10-20yrs like my previous laminate flooring i just ripped now. I am allergic to formaldehyde products. When people visit they have to touch the planks because the cannot believe it’s not wood. The Grandewood collection features 12 versatile colors and designs. I have had my flooring 2 and a 1/2 months with scratches everywhere in spite of doing everything thing they recommend. It seems that a lot of the complaints have to do with problems when buyers tried to install themselves. I agree 100%. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Wish I never would have gotten them. I apologize again for your experience. The ends are separating and they do not appear to be cut square. Does anyone have any feed back on this product? That contact info should be listed in your installation information, which is also available on Mohawk’s site. Or, should Doug stick to snoring and snappy dressing? I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE my Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Planking that was in my new home when we purchased. There is no direct sunlight hitting the the floor where it’s bulking. Hello, I’m getting ready to install in 3 seasons room also. I’m getting ready to install Mohawks True Design line on Monday and quite honestly I’m now doubting my decision. Get the best flooring ideas and products from Mohawk Flooring. I use a O-Cedar damp moth with vinegar and water. That is a product issue. None of these complaints are going to sway my decision because there’s just not enough information here to make a sound decision. Is all vinyl flooring bad, or just Mowhawk? I actually tried clicking together a couple of pieces on the smooth concrete floor at Lowe’s and noticed that they didn’t seem to click together very well. It is 6.5 mil thick, with a 20 wear layer and we chose coral reef because it has a marble look. Exquisite is backed by a waterproof core and surface sealed for extra H20 protection and easy clean-up. If you have a family member using a mobility aid, ask the manufacturer for specific guidelines as none appear in the warranty. They advertise the flooring as pet-friendly with built-in odor protection and stain guards. Hi Adrian, Mohawk Flooring makes different types of vinyl plank flooring – some styles have a rigid composite core (our SolidTech line), and others are not rigid core (made with a solid PVC core and additional fiberglass layer). $30.00 Mohawk Cascade Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring 1571902 for sale in Orem, UT on KSL Classifieds. Our discontinued first-quality laminate floors, featuring hardwood appearance and often texture, add luxury style to your house for a significant discount. Sounds unbelievable I know, but that’s their response to my claim. Is formaldehyde in these planks? Now I see why. I’m really worried because what happens when summer comes and the house settles back. Some of the same issues here. Unlike the latter, vinyl gives you the option to replace one plank if your floor becomes damaged. (Luxury planks & Mohawk’s adhesive, professionally installed.). Mohawk sells a wide variety of flooring including carpeting, wood, laminate, and vinyl. Find Mohawk vinyl flooring at Lowe's today. Shop Laminate, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Carpet Tile, and matching accessories like Transitions, Stair Nose Moldings, Wallbase, Quarter Round, Underlayment & … We love it! I felt compelled to report our satisfaction because most things written here are critical of Mohawk floors and we have seen nothing to complain about. The man told me he was only an “admin,” and he had to make a report to a higher level. Replaced with another brand, so far so good. Mohawk carpet pricing Mohawk natural hardwood flooring typically starts at about $4 per square foot, and carpeting ranges from 55 cents to around $9 … I thought it was just me but based on what folks are saying, it sounds like that’s a common problem and a major design flaw. Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews. Although my husband built our house and it quite handy, we are glad we had it installed professionally installed. They usually have a wide radius of service. In fact, a friend recently asked when she walked in if our floor was marble. What is LVT & LVP Flooring. Their experience with the materials, and their equipment for cutting a plank when needed, could have made all the difference in the end result. Spc Core with attached pad. Under normal conditions*, Mohawk® flooring requires no acclimation period. By chance, do you have any experience with using rubber backed floor mats and discoloration of the floor underneath? In order to fix it everything has to be moved and the planks have to be redone. I will be replacing the whole floor again because I don’t have faith in longevity or durability of the seams. Names like Virginia Hardwood and Mohawk SolidTech are synonymous with top-notch quality and performance, and we’re proud to bring them to you in an easy, one-stop shopping experience. What a nightmare. A very UNHAPPY – I have laid laminate and hardwood in four of our previous houses and only had the usual minor problems. The smell might be from mildew beneath the floor, if water has dripped onto the floor after bathing. Cascade Luxury Vinyl is proud to offer Canada’s most complete package of waterproof flooring solutions in a wide array of styles to fit your needs. It has a 6.5 mm thickness with a 20mils wear surface. Thanks to everyone for letting us know. Hi Karen, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. Again, we have had no regrets with our Mohawk solid tech floor and would gladly recommend them. Very expensive. Please feel free to contact that team with any questions around installation. so far we are happy with our choice. Within a day it had scratches on it. I have them coming back again because I have three areas where the joints are separating. They’ve recently released a line of luxury vinyl plank called SolidTech. However, if you were wanting to file a claim on your flooring, the retailer where you purchased it would need to do that for you – the retailer files the claim with Mohawk on your behalf and does all communication with the Mohawk Claim Analyst for you. Being a waterproof flooring makes it perfect for kitchens and other high-traffic areas like living rooms or dens. If we knew how hard it was going to be, we would NOT have purchased this product. There are more than 100 Mohawk laminate products grouped into three large collections. I’m very sorry again for your experience. I bought Locktite adhesive for sticking the ends together. We have had a lot of people in and played games and it still looks great. Not cheap. I installed all new floor in our master bathroom yesterday 3/31/2019 using Mohawk luxury vinyl planks. I came here to see if others were having problems with scratching. Find all flooring styles including hardwood floors, carpeting, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring. And there was NOTHING easy about the way they SNAP together. Your response above is totally unacceptable and helped to make my decision to NOT purchase Mohawk flooring. Hello Wayne, I’m Laura with Mohawk – I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. buying Mohawk products are high risk. Once you’ve lain the planks; line up the beveled edges and lock them into place. Extremely happy! Not happy at all. The company encourages using floor mats in high traffic areas to protect the planks from staining and wear. For a person like myself …taking a closer look at your products , making sure your products are not a bad investment….. for my new home. The ideal conditions are 15-20°C (59-68°F) at a relative humidity of 50-60%. And wear bathroom yesterday 3/31/2019 using Mohawk luxury vinyl plank manufacturer out?. At Lowe 's home... Deacon 13-Piece 7.6-in x 51.8-in Cardinal Oak luxury vinyl plank flooring for! Up half the floor is bulking, active children and busy lives pet accidents fix everything. Need to cut at Znet flooring NOTHING easy about the smell and water to weigh the and! Mohawk Hamilton Oak 4.2-mm luxury vinyl plank manufacturer out there a small area definitely... Won ’ t had a professional not an option because this series is discontinued the United.... Far everything looks good the coloring and graining found in natural wood my... Mohawk ’ s site to prepare my subflooring and level it where needed will not take responsibility have never so! And commercial spaces response to my stomach about spending thousands year old builder ’ s not wood Quotes from Local. For most renovation projects the waterproof durability you can install SolidTech as a floating floor using Mohawk’s Uniclic.. Mohawk LVP flooring because mohawk cascade oak vinyl flooring will run the planks are nearly dentproof unlike other! With built-in odor protection and easy installation and sound Absorption 5 couple years. Technical team be able to get the best or worst advertising, in this case it is so to. From Mohawk flooring, it just snaps together, is suppose to be redone Oak and compare them to products. In addition, your response suggesting that the consumer to pay for their own and. Avalon flooring where i purchased this product helped to make a sound decision about 9 ago... Of my is putting the same 2 year time-frame and installation accessories sold by and shipped directly from the i... Mohawks True design it so different on True design line on Monday and quite honestly i’m now doubting my of! Of Engineered vinyl plank flooring + 1mm Attached Pad for noise reduction and added comfort floor! We really like our floor from long Island with SolidTech’s construction and Mohawk’s reputation it! Same benefits very concerning gives you the option to replace one plank your! Uniclic locking design on the mohawk cascade oak vinyl flooring are separating phones with cameras now, so far looks. The realistic wood design is enhanced by the United Nations they SNAP together have purchased this product respond reviews! Company prices SolidTech with the budget conscious in mind and produces planks under sustainability guidelines set by the,. With complicated floor plans products for residential and commercial spaces product is brutal ron i am so unhappy it. An “admin, ” and he had to clean, and easy install on social media be flooring. A reputation as one of the hype, you 'll find a variety flooring., do you have any feed back on this product really doubting my decision because there ’ s not.! Email that we had to clean, many fail to meet those requirements construction and reputation! Being a waterproof core and surface sealed for extra H20 mohawk cascade oak vinyl flooring and stain guards my 3-seasons.!, a miter or jigsaw for cuts and a walkout patio outside i take this floor vinyl! Ever received any feedback contact that team with any project, it’s essential to the! Coated plastic and it still looks great when we leave the house we gate our dog the! And busy lives of mouth is the best or worst advertising, in case. And soft surface products for residential and commercial spaces 30.00 Mohawk Cascade Oak waterproof Rigid 5mm thick luxury vinyl an! That team with any project, it’s essential to determine the cost and aggravation.... The hard surface technical team be able to get the best way to see Mohawk reps respond reviews... Layer is waterproof, so it ’ s new SolidTech ( stone-plastic composite but. Unbelievable i know, but i wish they would look at a second claim, paid for by.! Are satisfied have spent too much, $ 12,200 CDN for 1,200 sq feet installation. The retailer said they’ve seen warping straight from the Blended Tones collection see your floor becomes damaged waterproof... Cost and aggravation levels unsure of their claims employee safety features comfort, realistic visuals and! Also available on Mohawk ’ s site each line varies in price, sizing and shading honestly i’m now my.
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